The UPS account Access Key is individual for each UPS account, and works in conjunction with the UPS username and password to connect via API to the UPS services.

To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Access and login with the provided credentials
  2. Verify that the account requested to be set up is shown under Payment Options by:
    A) Open the main menu list
    B) Select Payment Options
    C) Verify that the account selected is added in the list

    If it's not, request the customer to add it as indicated here: Adding UPS Shipper Account at

  3. Return to and select Request an Access Key

  4. Scroll down and complete the fields as:

    - I need an access key because: "I was informed by a software vendor that I need an access key"
    - Software/Vendor name: techSHIP
    - Choose an account to associate with this access key: Select the account in question

  5. Press Next in the Contact section (unless you need to modify anything in that section)
  6. Press Submit Request in the Review section

  7. UPS will send an e-mail with the key. Copy and paste the access key (shown on top) and provide it to techSHIP support for setup.