When you want to print multiple labels for an order with multiple boxes you have to take into account the following details:

Techship has two ways of handling multiple boxes when creating a shipment.

  • We can rely on the WMS to specify the packaging, including weight, dimensions and content. This case requires a WMS that is able to produce and handle such information.
  • We could assume that there is going to be a single box and combine the items shipped into it, or you can add boxes manually.

In both scenarios, you are able to change the number of boxes.

In this case, we will assume your order has already been imported, and that we are adding a box, yet the example is valid to either delete boxes or editing them as well.

NOTE:  It is very important that your order has been imported, but NOT processed. If it has been processed already, make sure you void it in order to be able to edit it.

Feel free to follow the video guide or the written step-by-step instructions below:

To be able to print multiple labels for an order with multiple boxes you will have to:

  1. Access the Batches menu under the Orders dropdown

  2. Click the batch number where the order in question is to be found; remember you can use the filters to find it with more ease using the different search criteria

  3. Click the Edit button of the order you wish to add the box to

  4. Switch to the Packaging tab; you will see the current box or boxes in the order

  5. Select one predefined box from the dropdown, or if you don’t have any, choose Not Set; the advantage of using predefined boxes is that they already have the box specifications loaded previously, if empty, fill the information; for any of the cases, press Add Box

  6. Verify the contents of the box and delete, add or edit as necessary

  7. Press Save to save the changes

  8. Process the order

The order will now show two tracking numbers, one for each box included in it.

When you print the order’s labels, the system will print one for each box included in it.