When shipping an order that needs insurance, while most Carriers automatically assume the order is insured if an insured value is declared, some others require you to enable a binary (true/false) control to state so.

The insured value needs to be specified at the order level within the imported batch/single order. 

WARNING: Adding insurance will increase your order's final charge. Take into account that the value will include the shipping cost plus the insurance charges. 

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

NOTE: Make sure your order is not processed to be able to edit it. If it’s already processed, you will have to void it first.

To do so:

1. Find the order through any of the possible ways (after Import Orders, Batches, Order History, etc) as it applies to the case

2. Click the edit button of the order you wish to apply insurance or verify it has insurance


3. Access the Carrier Options tab

4. Enter the insurance value in the Declared Value field

NOTE: If the order is a Fedex order, you will need to check the insurance box instead of declaring the value.

5. Press Save to apply the changes

Once done, if all the order information is correct, you’ll be able to Process or Process & Print it.