It is possible to bill a 3rd party for the shipping through FedEx in techShip.

NOTE: To Bill 3rd party with it is not necessary that you add the 3rd Party account to your FedEx profile. The owner has to approve its account to allow 3rd Party Billing from your account.

WARNING: It is important to point out that if the orders in your WMS already have the 3rd Party account and Postal Code set up and you will use that information, it is NOT necessary to set up 3rd Party Billing information on the Billing Accounts on the Client level. 

3rd Party Billing in techShip can be used in two modes:

  • Using WMS information: Your orders in your WMS must have defined
    • 3rd Party Account to be billed assigned
    • Postal code assigned
    • Country code assigned (if your WMS does not support this field, techShip will obtain it using the Postal Code)

  • Using your Client Profile information: Any 3rd party billing information from your order will be ignored by techShip and the following information as you define it in the Client Billing Account will be used instead
    • 3rd Party Account to be billed (Client -> Billing Account level)
    • Country (Client -> Billing Account level)
    • Postal code (Order level - obtained automatically)

NOTE: If you choose to use your WMS Information, you can just import and process your orders and skip the steps detailed in this guide. 
Nevertheless, make sure that:
1- Your orders have all the required information completed correctly
2- The Enable TPL Billing Override checkbox is checked on the Client level
3- The Sender Account number has been set up in the Carrier Options tab for the Billing Account.

Feel free to follow this video guide, or the step-by-step procedure below.

To enable 3rd Party Billing for FedEx using your Client Profile 3rd Party information you have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance dropdown

  2. Select the Client to which you wish to configure 3rd Party Billing

  3. Verify that Enable TPL Override is unchecked; if not, uncheck it
  4. Edit the Client's FedEx Billing Account you wish to set up

  5. Select the Carrier Options tab and complete the following information:
    • Payment Type: Change to Third Party
    • Payor account: Complete with the 3rd Party account which will be billed
    • Country: Select the country related to the account

  6. (Optional) If the Duties and return payments will also be handled by the same account, fill the respective fields.
  7. Press Save to commit the changes