This article describes how to Register to Purolator E-Ship Web Services (ESW).

Purolator has 2 subsystems:

1) ESO – E-ship online portal. This is web portal where a customer can manually key data and Purolator will generate labels.

2) ESW  – E-ship web services. This is the application used by external systems to integrate with Purolator.

WARNING: ESO and ESW are not the same apps. Account from ESO will not work for ESW. 

So, ESO and EWS are different shipping channels with Purolator, and you need to register separately for EWS, however, you can use the same Purolator account number to ship through both.

WARNING: Due to the Terms and Conditions on the website, the account owner should be the one requesting the credentials.

If you are deciding to move forward using the Web Services solution, please follow the steps below to:

A) Register to ESW (Skip this step if you are already registered)    

  1. Access 
  2. Click Register
  3. Select Corporate Account Holder and fill up your company information

  4. Save the changes to complete your registration.


B) Request Production Keys

  1. Log into and under “Manage Profile”, verify your profile shows as for a Developer

  2. Select Request Production Key

  3. Select Corporate

  4. Enter your account and billing information

  5. Check the Holder Verification checkbox

  6. Check the Agreement of Terms and Conditions

  7. Press Submit

Purolator will reach you via e-mail providing you with:

  • Keys
  • Password
  • Account number

Contact providing that information in order to have Techdinamics' team set up your billing account in TechSHIP.

Feel free to reach out to Purolator support if you have any questions regarding their account setup process.