If your workflow is Scan-and-Go rather than batch processing, the Techdinamics Desktop Client will be the most effective tool within techShip to support your warehouse operations.

In order to process your orders and print your labels and packing slips, you will need to set up the Techdinamics Desktop Client.

The Desktop Client is a desktop application which connects with your ZPL compliant label printer and inkjet/laser printers allowing queue printing of your orders’ labels and packing slips, as well as being able to integrate with scales and a dimensioner if you don't have the weight or dimensions of the orders preloaded within your WMS.

To set the application up, you can follow the steps in this short video, or with the step-by-step instructions below.

To download and install the Desktop Client:

  1. If possible, keep your antivirus is disabled during the installation process, since it might block part of it.
  2. Download the Techdinamics Desktop Client installer from the following location (Techdinamics Desktop Client Installer) by pressing:
    1. Launch: If you are sure you have the Microsoft .NET Framework stated in the instructions
    2. Install: If you don’t have the Framework or you don’t know.

  3. Open the downloaded Techship.Desktop.application or Setup.exe file respectively

  4. When prompted, press Install

The system will download the client from our servers and install it.

NOTE: Depending on your Operating System version and security settings, you might come across messages such as the Windows Defender message. If so, move forward with the process. In this case, press More Info and confirm by pressing Run Anyway.

Once the client has been set up, you'll see the application open automatically in your screen.


5. Press Settings and set up the Connection information:

  • Connection name: Enter the name you'd like for your station
  • Portal: Enter your portal's address (without http:// or https://)
  • Username: Enter the username provided by techShip support for this purpose
  • Password: Enter the password provided by techShip support for this purpose

6. (Optional) Scale model: Choose the scale model you're integrating with techShip

7. (Optional) Dimensioner model: Choose the dimensioner you're integrating with techShip

You may also like or need to set up specific behaviors when you scan the order and your scanner is set to press Enter:

  • Scale on process: Imports the order and automatically reaches the Dimensioner/Scale to assign weight and dimensions to the first package of the order. If the order is single piece shipment, it will automatically process it, if it's a multi-piece shipment, you will have to dimension/scale the remaining packages in the order before processing
  • Preview on Enter: Imports and previews the order as you scan the order, setting it ready for scaling, dimensioning, packing, corrections, estimations, etc.
  • Estimate on Enter: Imports, previews and estimates the order as you scan it; if your order does not come from the WMS with dimensions and/or weight, the estimation will fail, since the carriers won't be able to provide quotes without this information and you'll need to manually scale and dimension first


8. Press Printer and select:

  • Thermal Printer: Select a ZPL Compliant printer from the dropdown (will be used to print the labels)
  • (Optional) Generic Printer: Select a Laser/Inkjet printer from the dropdown (will be used to print the packing slips)

9. Press Save to apply all the changes

Once done, you will be ready to use the Techdinamics Desktop Client.