Setting up Service Code Mappings allows you to relate External Codes of your WMS to codes within techSHIP, in order to have the system automatically map them.

For example, if you have a Service Code in your WMS which is called Priority, you will have to define it and link it to its correspondent match on techShip.

In some cases, the definition on your WMS might not exactly match the name of the techSHIP Service Code. In this case, you will have to choose the service in techSHIP, and link it to your WMS external code exactly as it is defined there.

NOTE: The Service Code Mappings are defined on the Carrier level and apply equally for all the clients which use them.

Feel free to follow the video guide or the step-by-step process detailed below:

To set them up, you will have to:

  1. Access Carriers under the Maintenance dropdown

  2. Select the Carrier to which you wish to set up the mapping

  3. Select the Service Code Mapping tab

  4. Click Add Mapping

  5. Select the techSHIP Service Code from the dropdown and write the name of the External Code to which it should map exactly how it is defined in your WMS

  6. Press Save

Repeat the steps for every Service Code you would like to map for the carrier.

NOTE: When setting up the mappings, remember to take into account the following considerations:

  • The data you enter for the External Code must match exactly to the way it was defined in your WMS. Make sure upper and lower cases are defined correctly as well.
  • It is possible to map more than one External Code to a single techSHIP Service Code but NOT the other way round. If, for example, you have a provider that refers to an Express Service as “Express” and another as “Express Post” in your WMS and they should both match to the techSHIP Service Code “Express Saver”, you can do so.
    Add both External Codes linked to the techSHIP “Express Saver” service code.
  • The SCAC code of your Carrier in techSHIP must match with the SCAC code of the carrier in your WMS. If the SCAC code in your WMS is empty, the value from the Carrier column will be considered as the SCAC.
  • If the SCAC codes (or Carrier column values if the SCAC is missing) in your WMS are different for each Client, you have to specify the SCAC code in techSHIP in the Billing Accounts on the Client level to match with such values (e.g. if Customer 1 calls UPS as UPS and that's the carrier's default SCAC code in techSHIP, you don't have to do anything additional for that case, but if Customer 2 calls UPS as UPSN, you'll have to fill up the SCAC field of the Billing Account for that client with the value UPSN for it to map to your WMS).