Setting up FedEx Smartpost requires the combined effort of the Techdinamics support staff, and whoever is managing or setting up the billing accounts and Client profiles on your side.

The process is straightforward: Once the Techdinamics support staff has set the FedEx SmartPost Hub ID on your source FedEx account, you will be able to indicate which Indicia setting you will be using in your Client profile and begin processing.

CARRIER SETUP (Handled by Techdinamics support staff)

When setting up FedEx SmartPost the Techdinamics support staff will specify the closest Hub to the pickup location.  You can find the hub's list and information here: Fedex SmartPost Hub ID codes.

You will not have access to this section.

Within the Carrier tab, the Hub ID should be completed accordingly, and Saved.

In regard to the Pickup Carrier field, this option is only required if "Ground close on finalize" is selected. This option is not required in most cases and can be ignored. By default, the shipments will be closed automatically from FedEx at the end of their day.

CLIENT SETUP (Handled by you or your staff)

Once the Hub ID has been set up, you have to set up the Indicia Type you will use for your Clients in their Billing Account profiles. The Indicia Type defines the type of shipment (size, weight) that will be shipped.

To do so:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance dropdown

    2. Select the Client that applies to the case

    3. Press the Edit Button of the account related to the issue

4. Select the Carrier Options tab

5. Select the Indicia Type according to the case

6. Press Save to apply the changes