When printing a FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest, you may notice that the number of total packages doesn't always match the number of FedEx shipments that were closed for a particular ship date.

FedEx only allows certain types of packages and their tracking numbers to show up on the FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest.

The following is FedEx's criteria: 

  • Collect on Delivery Amount (COD Amount)
  • Declared Value greater than 100 U.S. dollars
  • 84" Oversize
  • Additional Handling
  • Acknowledgment of Delivery (A.O.D)
  • Residential

Shipments that do not have one of these specialized service options cannot be included on the FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest, nor will they appear in any counts on the manifest.

A sample FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest is below (pulled from FedEx's website): 

Note the Total Packages field where the discrepancy in counts is usually noticed, and also note that FedEx's criteria are referenced in the column headers.