When you are planning to use your own or customer account as the shipper in Techship you will need to make sure that account appears under payment methods in UPS.com under the user whose credentials were used to set up the initial registration with UPS.

Before You Begin

Before you start you will need to know your organizations UPS.com login credentials.  If you have multiple credentials you will need to know the credentials provided to us when Techship was set up.  If you are not sure our support can help you identify the login username that was used when creating the account.  We will not be able to provide you with the password.

You will also need to have the first page of the UPS invoice associated with the account you are planning to add. If this is your customer account you will need to request it before beginning this process.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Video Instructions

  1. Login to UPS.com portal with your company credential (should be the same credentials provided to us when setting up UPS).
  2. Navigate to Payment Options found in the drop-down under your name.
  3. Under Add a Payment Method select "Add Existing Account" and click the Add button.
  4. Follow the steps as indicated by the UPS Website to complete the process.

    NOTE: If you have questions regarding the process or any of these steps, reach your UPS representative, since these steps are not related to Techdinamics' products.