When manifesting FedEx, you are displayed the error "Manifest not available", this could be caused by several issues:

1- You are using FedEx Express instead of FedEx Ground

FedEx Express does not support paper manifests, while FedEx Ground does.

2- You have not closed manifest the same day you generated the labels

FedEx auto-closes the daily processed orders at the end of the day, and will not provide manifests for previous, still open days. Remember to manifest daily: 02 - How to manifest [Step-by-Step guide]

If you do not close on the same day, it is not possible to recover paper manifest - this is a Fedex limitation. 

3- The shipments you processed do not have specialized service options and cannot be included on the FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest

FedEx only allows certain types of packages and their tracking numbers to show up on the FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest. The following is FedEx's criteria: 

  • Collect on Delivery Amount (COD Amount)
  • Declared Value greater than 100 U.S. dollars
  • 84" Oversize
  • Additional Handling
  • Acknowledgment of Delivery (A.O.D)
  • Residential

Shipments that do not have one of these specialized service options cannot be included on the FedEx Ground Pickup Manifest, nor will they appear in any counts on the manifest.