To be able to use Rate Shopping processing your orders with techSHIP Desktop Client you can process the orders as usual, but after handling the following requirements:

1. The orders either

  •  Must have a Rate Shopping Code assigned in the WMS and it was set up by Techdinamics support in your portal; if this is the case, set step 2 from below and ignore step 3

  • Must NOT have a carrier assigned in the WMS; if this is the case, set step 2 AND 3 below properly


2. The billing accounts for that Client used for rate Shopping must be enabled for Rate Shopping

3. The "Import Empty Carrier as Rate Shopping" option must be checked for that Client

If the rest of the order's information is correct, you will be able to process the order.

NOTE: The address used for rate shopping is the combination of all 3 address lines combined. These are also checked for PO box if ‘Deny PO box’ is on.