When setting up a Billing Account for a Client, you can define a Default Service Code, which will be the one to be applied to imported orders (at the moment they are imported) if they don't have a service code defined in advance.

Within those options, you will find:

  • Use order: It keep the service level the order has been assigned as coming from the WMS
  • ECO: Similar to Rate Shopping but within the carrier, it will pick the cheapest service for the order when processed taking into account the origin, destination, weight and dimensions of the shipment
  • Specific Service Levels: It applies the selected Service Level for orders imported under that carrier

Feel free to read the guide below, or watch the video if you prefer so:


To set up a Default Service Level for a Billing Account of a Client, you will have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

  2. Click on the client related to the change

  3. Edit the Billing Account you'd like to set up the Default Service Code for

  4. Select the Carrier Options tab

  5. Select the Service Code from the dropdown that applies to the case

    (Optional) Check Override WMS service code if you wish to reassign the selected service code to the imported orders regardless of the Service code that might have been assigned previously in the WMS

  6.  Press Save to apply the changes