If you need to add a Custom Rates table, you can do it on the Carrier level.

NOTE: To enable the Custom Rates menu you will have to reach techShip support with the request prior to setup. 

WARNING: When defining weight ranges, do NOT define gaps. Make sure you cover a FULL RANGE. An example, a gap would be having 8 to 9, and 9.01 to 10, where the gap is between 9 and 9.01. In that case, define 8 to 9, and 9 to 10. If you have gaps in your setup, this will cause issues.

Feel free to follow this video guide, or the step-by-step procedure below.

To do so: 

1. Reach techShip support requesting to enable custom rates for the Carriers you will be using; please specify which Carrier(s) you will be loading custom tables for

2. Download the file attached in this article and complete the template with your the rates (delete or overwrite the example line in it)

3. Open Carriers through the Maintenance tab

4. Select the Carrier related to the case

5. Open the Rates tab

6. You can add rates one by one manually or in bulk

    A) Manually: Click Add rate, complete the fields and press Save

    B) Bulk upload: Click Choose File, select it from your drive and press Import & Replace Rates

If you need to update the rates table you can edit each line one by one (C) or download the current table (D) correct the values and repeat step 6A to push the new table into techShip.