When printing labels through a Zebra ZP450 printer, you might face the scenario of the printer leaving blank fields in the labels.

This issue might relate to two usual scenarios:

Scenario #1 - The firmware and/or drivers of the printer are outdated and must be updated

Scenario #2 - You are trying to print labels which are not UPS labels with the Zebra ZP450 

The ZP450 is a UPS-only thermal printer: https://www.zebra.com/us/en/support-downloads/knowledge-articles/ups-lp2844-and-ups-zp450-printer-setup-and-troubleshooting.html

None of these are techShip issues, nevertheless, here are our recommendations for each case.

Scenario #1 - Update the firmware and/or drivers yourself, or having a software/hardware technician do it

Scenario #2 - Either use a different printer which supports printing the Carrier labels you are intending to do so, or update the drivers to ones provided in several internet sources to improve compatibility