When importing orders from 3PL Central into techShip, you might need to pull the price from 3PL Central's order fields instead than from the items/SKUs themselves. This allows to, for example, have flexibility when handling the pricing of orders being part of a discount program, promotions, etc.

By default, techShip obtains the item's price from the Sell price field of the SKU:

Nevertheless, if you have an e-commerce integration which passes the price to 3PL Central, for example, with a discount, you would like to keep the alternative price rather than the original sell price of that item in 3PL Central obtaining it from the Order fields

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

To set techShip to use the Order Fields instead of the Sell Price you will have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

  2. Click on the client related to the order

  3. Check Import pass through line prices, which switches techShip targeting the Sell Price to the Order Fields

  4. Press Save to apply the changes