NOTE: The requirements and instructions refer to the FedEx REST connection. Current SOAP connections are functional, but should not be implemented as new ones.
You can still create FedEx SOAP Billing Accounts to your clients.

When onboarding/adding a new FedEx account the following information needs to be provided and verified:


1st Setup Stage (Test account and certification)

- FedEx Test Account Number

- FedEx Test Account Key

- FedEx Test Account Password

- Induction Address

2nd Setup Stage (Switch from Test to Production)

- FedEx Production Account Number

- FedEx Production Account Key

- FedEx Production Account Password

- Induction Address

- Pickup Open/Close/Ready time (Preferrably)

- HUB ID (If they're going to use Smart Post Hub ID)


1) The Keys and Passwords have been obtained as described in the article linked below; if you still don't have these values, the article in question will guide you step by step on how to obtain them

2) The billing address of the account provided matches FedEx's records 

3) The FedEx website username you will log at and has permissions to request the Test and Production keys

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.

Once you have verified that information, proceed to Phase 2: Setting up the Baseline Carrier Connection: How to set up a FedEx Baseline account (REST) [Step-by-Step guide]