When onboarding/adding a new Extensiv (3PL Central) portal the following information needs to be provided and verified:



- 3PL Key (provided by 3PL in file): It's the 3PL instance Key (typically referred as TPL GUID, and formatted as, for example, {4X000XXe-9XXe-4XX3-0XXc-0XXXXX8397X9})

- 3PL Client ID (provided by 3PL in file): It's the API Client ID

3PL Client Secret (provided by 3PL in file): It's the API Client Password 


- 3PL User Login ID (created by 3PLC, provided by you- NOT in file): It's the customer's 3PL Central ID

- 3PL User Login (provided and created by you): Username you created; to be used ONLY if the User Login ID is NOT used 

- 3PL Password (provided and created by you): Password of the user the customer creates for us 

3PL Facility ID (provided by you): It's the Warehouse instance numeric ID


  • Finalize Date: Allows to select the date used when orders are finalized (click in Manifest button), either the current one, or the original one in the manifest
  • Do not load item info (REST): If checked, and for REST connections, it does not load the item information (helps optimize Extensiv IP traffic if turned on)
  • Load allocation details: If checked, allocation details are loaded as part of the order (helps optimize Extensiv IP traffic if turned off ) 
  • Utilize 3PL Pack date setter: If checked, it will update packing date information in Extensiv (helps optimize Extensiv IP traffic if turned off ) 
  • Use 3PL PackageDef update: If checked, updates the 3PL packing definition (box ID, helps optimize Extensiv IP traffic if turned off)
  • Pre-tax shipping charge on update: If checked, the pre-tax shipping charge is used to update the Extensiv shipping charge, if not checked, the full shipping charge (tax included) is used
  • Prefer public shipping charge in WMS update (when supported by carrier): If checked, the public shipping charge is used instead of the negotiated charge
  • WMS trace: If checked, techSHIP will record low level tracing/log information for review
  • UOM on 3PL side: Select the unit of measurement that you're using in Extensiv's end
  • Allow close on label generation: If checked here, and on the Client Billing Account Configuration, when the labels are generated, orders are automatically closed in Extensiv instead of when finalizing (manifesting)
  • Load pallet carton numbers by SecondaryUnit: DEPRECATED, WILL BE REMOVED
  • ThreePL split line by receiver id when in merge mode: If checked, orders imported in merge mode will have their lines split by receiver ID
  • Flex field mappingAllows to bind custom fields additional to the standard plugin bindings 

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.