When onboarding/adding a new Made4Net (Zethcon) portal the following information needs to be provided and verified:

WARNING: When setting up your environment, use the newest version, Zethcon 2.

WARNING: Update on Process for this plugin will update Synapse when the order is processed, but once updated, it's not possible to make changes (void and reprocess), since Synapse currently does not allow us to do so.


- Zethcon Username

- Zethcon Password

- Zethcon URL

- Use proxy: Required when they have a firewall on the client's end (we give them our proxy address) 


- Zethcon subscription key

- Update carrier and service at order level

- Update only scanned cartons (Desktop Client): If checked, it updates the scanned cartons when imports are not made by order ID but by carton ID when partially fulfilled

- Import carton ID as tracking: The shipment tracking is updated with the carton ID number

- Trim leading zeroes in carton IDs: Trims the left zeroes in the reference when imported

- Update total shipment cost at the order header level: 

Updates shipment cost at order level; this option acts independently from the Client option to Update Freight on WMS

  • If at the Client level Update Freight in WMS is OFF, it will not update the price per CARTON
  • If at the Client level Update Freight in WMS is ON, it will update the price per CARTON
  • If this option is OFF at the Portal level, it will not update the price at the HEADER regardless of the setup per client

- Show items information: Pulls items list on the carton level (off only for LEGACY clients - verify the version that they're running on the client's end) 

- Import cartons separately: If checked, it allows to partially fulfill, bringing orders by Carton ID if that reference is used instead of Order ID

- Disable carton padding

- Wms Trace (for Support/Tracing/Testing purposes)

- Zethcon order status separate by (,): If used, complete with the Zethcon statuses you want techSHIP to consider, separated by commas  

- Label validate check on Zethcon API

- Skip duplicate cartons

- Disable carton duplicate check (Desktop Client)

- Routing Mode: Allows to select which fields will be used for routing

- Update Delay in seconds: Changes the update rate

- Flex Field Mappings: Allows to bind custom fields additional to the standard plugin bindings 

These settings must be turned on when a new connection is set:

Other options such as Update only scanned cartons (for Desktop Client users), should be explicitly requested if needed. 

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.