When processing and printing orders, you might print labels that are too big, too small or cut off.

This issue usually relates to a printer configuration, which might not necessarily be on Techdinamics' end.

To troubleshoot the problem, please verify that the Techdinamics Print client parameters haven't been changed from default, and if they have, adjust them properly. 

These are the default values on our end:

You can verify what settings your hardware is using by checking the Windows printer profile setup:


If they have not been changed, this is not a techShip issue, and you should do the following verifications or reach the printer manufacturer's support for guidance.

Normally, it's a driver/hardware issue, and you should verify:

a) The Windows Printer drivers/firmware are not outdated
b) The Windows Printer drivers/firmware have been updated and previous settings/adjustments were overwritten
c) The Windows Printer settings have been altered, causing the issue