When setting up an FedEx Crossborder account, the process is slightly different from other carriers.

You will have to import, edit and process an order in Test mode, of which FedEx will take record and verify it's legitimacy, and approve the account for usage, after which you will be able to switch to Production mode.

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the Carrier baseline account.
If the Carrier baseline account has already been set up and you intend to 
add a new Billing Account, refer to: How to add and set up a FedEx Crossborder Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]

To set the account you will have to:


1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll add the account to from the list

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click Add Account

5. In General Options set:

  1. Name -> FedEx Crossborder - [Account number] (e.g. FedEx Crossborder - 500000)
  2. Usage mode -> TEST (you will later switch it to Production mode) 
  3. Status -> Active
  4. Label mode -> ZPL
  5. SCAC -> Carrier/SCAC code you're using in the WMS 

6. In Carrier Options set and Save:

  1. Access Key -> API Key provided by FedEx
  2. Sender info -> Name, company, phone, e-mail and warehouse induction address


Once the base Carrier account has been set up, you will have to set up a billing account to test it.

1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

If there is a Test Client in the portal, add the account there.

If not, create one as described here with the Client Code as TEST, since the order test files have that code as the Client Code.

2. Click on the TEST client 

3. Add the Billing Account that applies to this carrier setup

4. Edit the Billing Account related to the setup

5. Select the Carrier Options tab and define:

  1. Currency Code / COD Currency - > USD
  2. Default Package Description: Standard Box
  3. Shipper reference ID: Pick Order #
  4. Sender Info -> The Warehouse's real information (placeholder values will fail)

6. Press Save to apply the changes

7. After doing, so follow the instructions to import a test batch for this carrier

8. Since the file is not capable of filling out all the necessary information, you will also need to fill out:

A) Package Description: Fill up with Commercial Sample value

B) COD Amount: Fill up with 0 value, empty will error out, and a different value will not be accurate

C) Line items and box description: These items must have information that looks real, values like "test" or ABC will not be accepted by FedEx. The following is a working example which has been previously approved by FedEx, but you can use whichever set of data information you'd like.

  • Description: Standard Box
  • SKU: 251109
  • Description: Gates of Atlantis - Card Game
  • Qty: 1
  • US: US
  • Price 9.99

9. Process the order using the FedEx Cross Border E-Commerce service level

10. Notify your FedEx representative, or a direct FedEx contact involved in the account setup and wait for approval

Once approval is ready and completed, proceed with the following steps:

11. Void the test batch

11. Switch the account to Production mode

12. Process the batch to make sure the account is working in Production mode.

13. Void the production batch to avoid getting charged for it

If successful, consider the account as set up correctly.


Once ready, proceed to setting up the Billing Account as described in:

How to add and set up a FedEx Crossborder Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]