By generating reports, you can see order, client, shipping, courier charges, account and status information for each shipment. 

The Tracking/CSV Batch export reports can be obtained by:

1. Find the order through any of the possible ways (after Import Orders, Batches, Order History, etc) as it applies to the case

2. Click the Download dropdown below

3. Select either the Download Tracking or Export CSV depending on the case

The file will be downloaded, and will require additional reformatting in the software you use to open it (separate commas as tabs, etc).

NOTE: When reading the charges columns take into account the following considerations and formulas:

- PreTaxShippingCharge also includes FSC
- TotalShippingCharge = PreTaxShippingCharge + taxes
- Markup is not included to TotalShippingCharge, it is specified as separate column FeeMarkup

Columns formulas:

I = ShippingCharge - charge BEFORE tax for box (if carrier supplies if carrier supplies per box)
J = ShippingChargeTotal - charge with tax for box (if carrier supplies per box)
CT = Order_ShippingCharge (Pre Tax Shipping Charge in Shipment Detail Report)
CU = Order_ShippingChargeTotal (Total Shipping Charge in Shipment Detail Report)
CV = Order_CarrierCharge - charge for whole order (multiple boxes) before tax
CW = Order_CarrierChargeTotal - charge for whole order (multiple boxes) with tax

WARNING: techShip reports use the UTC timezone, and up to 12:00AM, while your WMS will probably use your local time. This timeframe can lead to considerable differences, specially if the time you manifest or handle the highest volumes (half-to-end of the day) are within it. In some cases it is required to use the date filters with a day less from the Start date and a day later from the End date to cover a whole date if you have a big difference with the UTC timezone.