When setting up the Techdinamics Desktop Client, you might want to use a Generic USB scale to calculate the weight on the packing line.

Differently from specific scales (detailed here), Generic USB scales can be used, but it requires a few additional setup steps.

To set the scale up, you can follow the steps in this short video, or with the step-by-step instructions below.

To set up the Generic USB scale you will have to:

1. Access the Settings tab in the Techdinamics Desktop Client

2. Select Generic USB Scale from the Scale Model Dropdown

3. Complete the Scale Vendor ID (VID) and Scale Product ID (PID)*

4. Press Save to confirm the changes

* To obtain the Scale Vendor ID and Scale Product ID, you will have to:

1. Press the Windows Start menu button

2. Type "Device Manager" in the search bar and open it

3. Expand Human Interface Devices (HID)

4. Right Click in your USB Scale option and select Properties

5. Select the Details tab and obtain the information from the text