When setting up advanced restrictions, you might need to set up restrictions based on SKUs contained in the order.

The different levels of complexity could include:

  • Complete SKU code
  • Partial SKU code

If you are going to use just one value as part of the condition, use the Equals or Not Equals operator.

If you are going to use more than one value, use the In or Not In operator, separating options with commas.

These are a few possible scenarios:

#1 - Rate shop shipments prioritizing better services for a regular (888) and special edition SKU (888SE): 

  • SKU 888SE ships via the cheapest Air service
  • SKU 888 ships via the cheapest Express non-air service
  • all other SKUs ship through Ground

#2 - Rate shop orders with SKUs starting with XP through Express, and others via Ground