When setting up your Clients in techShip, you will have to configure Billing Accounts for them to operate with and through.

This article will approach the setup of an account that allows to print standalone MH10 labels (not the MH10 together with a Carrier label).

If you would like to print the MH10 label together with the carrier label, refer to How to print Regular Labels and MH10 Labels at the same time [Step-by-Step guide].

WARNING: To avoid chargebacks due to incorrect or incomplete information in your MH10 labels, make sure you verify:

A) The data on the MH10 label matches the ASN
B) When a new label is printed for the first time, carefully review that the box UCC-128 numbers match the UCC-128 information in 3PL
C) Once the MH10 label is printed, you cannot repack the boxes in 3PL; If you need to repack after printing, you must:
    1) Repack in 3PL (not techShip)
    2) Delete the order from techShip 
    3) Reimport the order into techShip 
    4) Reprint the label

NOTE: Before going live, make sure to run proper tests using the MH10 production launch checklist once you have set up the Account Profile to make sure your MH10 labels comply with all the required details.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer:

To set up the account, define the following and then Save:


1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

2. Click on the Client for which you wish to set up the billing account

3. Press Add Billing Account

4. Select the source account which will be used and Save

5. Edit the Billing account


The General Options tab is the same for every carrier. If you are already acquainted with it from previous setups, please configure it accordingly.

If this is your first time setup or you aren't acquainted to it, refer to the following article and once finished, return to this one to set up the carrier specific options:

How to configure the Billing Account General Options tab [Step-by-Step guide]

Typically, the only elements set up for this kind of label are the References.

If a regular packing slip should be included, it can also be done by checking Include Packing Slips.


6. Access the Carrier Options tab

7. Complete the MH10 label fields as follows:

  • GS1 Company Prefix: as configured in the WMS and/or Integration module (provided by shipper/GS1 certificate, but must be verified depending on the case) 
  • Application Identifier: Enter as configured in the WMS and/or Integration module (typically 00, but must be verified depending on the case) 
  • Extension Digit: Enter as configured in the WMS and/or Integration module (typically 0 if you are the only location, if there are several locations shipping, complete with the location number as it applies, but must be verified depending on the case) 
  • Last Serial Number: Complete accordingly

8. Sender name and Sender Company: Specify the Sender Name and Company. You can also override the sender address (by default techShip will use the one defined on the source Carrier account) to an address different from the source. To do so, follow the steps from this article 

9. (Optional) Print Pallet Labels: If you need to print separate labels per pallet, check the box; If you do so, you will have to provide the corresponding set of information of the fields from step #7

10. Press Save to apply the changes