When setting up order management rules, you will execute Actions based on the Conditions you've set.

This article describes the options under the Field dropdown, for which you can set the value(s) you will assign based on your conditions.

The options include, organized in groups:


  • Rate shopping group: Assigns a Rate Shopping Group value to the order(s) 
  • Instruction: Assigns instructions to the order(s)  
  • Terms: Assigns terms to the order(s) 
  • Residential flag: Allows to add or remove the residential flag to the order(s)
  • Billing Account Client Name: Forces the order to go through a specific Billing Account under the Client profile; The value to be used should be the exact name as displayed in the Name column


  • Insurance flag: Allows to add or remove the insurance flag to the order(s)  
  • Declared value (total): Assigns an arbitrary declared value to the order(s)  
  • Declared value (calculate): Auto sums the item value multiplied by their quantity
  • Signature flagAllows to add or remove the signature required flag to the order(s) 
  • Adult signature flag: Allows to add or remove the adult signature required flag to the order(s)  


  • Service codeAssigns the specified service code to the order(s); you must use the CARRIER'S INTERNAL service code as shown in the middle column of the Service Code Mappings once a mapping has been added (not the External Service code)
  • SCAC: Assigns the specified SCAC code to the order(s)


  • Terms of trade: Assigns the specified SCAC code to the order(s)   
  • Ship-to phoneAssigns the specified phone to the order(s) 
  • Ship-to e-mailAssigns the specified e-mail to the order(s) 
  • Ship-to nameAssigns the specified name to the order(s) 
  • Ship-to companyAssigns the specified company to the order(s) 


  • Duty payment terms (limited support)Allows to set the payment terms (Sender, Third Party, etc)
  • Freight billing account: Assigns the specified billing account number
  • Freight billing country: Assigns the specified billing country to the order(s); you must use the country CODE 
  • Freight billing postalAssigns the specified billing postal code to the order(s) 
  • Freight billing terms: Assigns the specified billing terms to the order(s) 


  • Raise Error: Allows to show an error message whenever the conditions you define are met