When printing labels, you might need to print them in a specific order.

There could be several reasons why your labels are not printing in order:

A) You have not set up label sort sequence: How to set up the label sort sequence [Step-by-Step guide]

If you have not set this up, doing it will solve the issue.

B) Your printer spooler setup is incorrect (if label sort sequence is enabled and not working)

This article covers how to solve this scenario.

To correct your printer setup you will have to:

1. Access the Windows Control Panel

2. Access View Devices and Printers 

3. Right Click on your printer and select Properties

4. Switch to the Advanced tab

5. Change the Spooler settings to Print Directly to Printer

If Windows handles the spooler, it might sometime prioritize it's settings and instructions over the ones used through the Techdinamics Print Client. 

6. Press OK to apply the changes

7. (Optional) Reboot the system to make sure that the settings apply properly, since sometimes Windows might save the settings, but other system keys involved in the process might be locked or in use and not work properly after reboot