Clear metrics allow you to have a graphical view and set a clear action plan for peak seasons or specific shipping peaks for specific clients, based on historical data.

The techTrack Shipping Trend graph displays the shipping trend to the prefiltered information in the techTrack Dashboard (Warehouse, Client, Carrier, time slice).

After you have applied those filters, the shipping trend will change to reflect the information that is included under that criteria.

If no filters are applied, you will see the average performance across all year, for all clients and all carriers.


The graph will display the following information:

  • Vertical Axis: Amount of orders shipped
  • Horizontal Axis: Month and Year
  • Green volume: On time delivered orders
  • Yellow volume: Late delivered orders
  • Red volume: Failed delivered orders

By hovering over each element, the system will display the specific amount of orders at that point in time.