techSHIP now supports adding users and setting different permissions and visibility for them.

The requirements and limitations are bound to the following conditions:

  • You are logged in as a techSHIP Administrator user
  • The techSHIP package you have contracted (Standard, Plus, Enterprise)


Platform AccessCreate Regular UsersAssign
Access/Action Permissions
Assign Client Level Visibility
Regular User 
techSHIP Admin (Standard)
techSHIP Admin (Plus)
techSHIP Admin (Enterprise)  

Each element is defined as:

  • Platform Access: Access to techSHIP portals and applications based on the permissions provided by the techSHIP Administrator
  • Create Regular Users: Allows to create users that have general platform access (all modules but user creation)
  • Assign Access/Action Permissions: Allows to modify the general platform access to restrict access or allow additional permissions to techSHIP modules (Manifest, Maintenance, etc) or actions (import closed orders, reprint processed orders, etc)
  • Assign Client Level Visibility: Allows to limit the user visibility of the portal to a Client or a group of Clients. 

Depending on your techSHIP package, follow the guides below to create new users:

NOTE: If your organization still doesn't have a techSHIP Administrator user, please open a support ticket and attach the following form properly filled out, so techSHIP support can enable the authorized person to access these features: [techSHIP Administrator access request form]