The Cartonization feature will allow you to automatically optimize and rearrange SKUs to improve your carton usage.

Please review this quick introduction to the feature and follow the instructions below:

NOTE: This feature is available for techShip Plus (as a paid add-on) and techShip Enterprise (included) setups only.

Cartonization requires more than one element in place than just the step-by-step procedure to use it. This article focuses on how it works rather than how every involved element in the process is set up.

Separate articles and links will be provided for that below.

For Cartonization to work, techSHIP will need to know:

  1. If your Carton Import mode will be Cartonization or not (setup described below)
  2. Which Predefined Boxes are available, their dimensions, weight and cartonization utilization parameters
  3. Which Items are to be Cartonized as well as their dimensions and weights


Cartonization will try to find the most adequate fit for your SKUs within your available Predefined Boxes.

The critical elements taken into account are:

  • Dimensions: That all the SKUs can fit properly in the box
  • Max Weight: That the box can hold the weight of all the SKUs included
  • Min Allocation: That the box space is used at least as much as indicated

In this case, these SKUs would fit in 3 of the 4 available boxes, but only one meets all the requirements.

  • The XL Carton is too big, and there would be too much unused space 
  • The M Carton is too small
  • The L Carton is a good fit, meets the allocation requirement, but the box cannot hold that weight
  • The L Plus Carton, rougher and able to hold more weight, meets all the requirements


These additional steps will trigger techSHIP to rearrange cartons when importing.

This will apply to the order/batch you're importing only.

1. Access Import orders under the Orders dropdown

2. Click expand to display the additional import fields

3. Open Carton Import and select Cartonization

4. Keep processing the order as usual, or as described here, skipping Step 1.


These additional steps will set techSHIP to rearrange cartons for every order which is imported under the Client that has had the feature turned on.

1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

2. Click on the client for which you wish to set up Cartonization

3. Select Cartonization from the Carton Import Mode dropdown

4. Press Save to confirm the changes