When having issues while processing orders or needing to set a feature which you don't know or don't remember how to, you can resort to the Need a Hand Assistant.

You can type in your question in natural language (e.g. "What are the UPS address validation options?") or copy-paste error messages to find solutions.

If you followed the steps of the suggested solution(s) and it didn't work, you can downvote the article, which will help you create a ticket.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide or watch the video, as you prefer:

To open a ticket through the Need a Hand Assistant will have to:

1. Click the Need a Hand Assistant

2. Enter your request in natural language or copy-paste an error and search

3. Click and open the suggested article (note that there might be more than one result, make sure you open the one that applies to your specific case)

4. Follow the steps of the solution article

5. If the applied solution doesn't work, press Not Helpful

6. Complete the fields in the Assistant accordingly:

  • Name: Your name
  • E-Mail: Your work e-mail (or personal if you don't have one, our team will reply to this e-mail address)
  • Subject: Subject/Title of the ticket
  • Type: Type of issue or request (you can check the description of each type and policies here)
  • Priority: Indicates how urgent the issue is
  • Customer Reference: Typically an order reference or techSHIP portal, etc.
  • Description: Brief and specific description of the issue

7. Press Take Screenshot to add a one-click screenshot to help the support team with context information

8. Solve the Captcha to verify you're not a bot

9. Press Send to create the ticket

Once ready, you will be able to follow up on your request in the techSHIP support portal.