When working with the Techdinamics Desktop Client, you might want to execute actions by scanning barcodes.

Enabling Allow Advanced Text Commands sets the Desktop Client to be able to receive commands as you scan barcodes (or enter the commands manually) to execute actions on the go.

NOTE: The available commands are the ones described below only.

NOTE: You can generate the barcodes to scan with these commands HERE.

You can use the following commands to create these barcodes, replacing the values between brackets with your values (weights, dimensions, names, etc.).

AAdds (regular) Box
^CMD:A:[Length]:[Width]:[Height]:[BoxWT]:[S to scale or empty]:[Box name] 
PAdds Predefined Box^CMD:P:[Box Name]:[BoxWT]:[S to scale or empty] 
BBand Box^CMD:B:[Length]:[Width]:[Height]:[S to scale or empty] 
ESet Box Weight/Dimensions^CMD:E:[Length]:[Width]:[Height]:[S to scale or empty] 
CClose Box^CMD:C
For example, to add a regular box to your order and scale it, you can generate a barcode that looks like the following:

Based on the syntax, scanning this barcode will add a regular box with length 12, width 8, height 7 and scale it automatically.

Printing a barcode sheet containing all the actions you need, will allow you to interact with the Desktop Client scanning them.