When verifying the activities that took part of an order's handling (processing, voiding, deleting, editing, etc), you might need to review historical data to know what was done, by whom, and when.

This article describes how to see the Audit Trail for an order.

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer: 

To show the information you will have to:

1. Access the Orders/batch screen for the order that applies to the case through any of the possible menus (after importing the order, searching on Batches screen, etc)

2. Edit the order in question

3. Access the Audit tab

4. Click the View Audit Trail link to have access to the audit information

After doing so, review the information as you might see fit. 

Each entry in the log will detail:

  • User: Username that performed the logged action (could be Service if it's the techSHIP system, or the username if it is a human interaction)
  • Date/Time (UTC): Date and time of the operation in UTC timezone
  • Action: Action that was performed (created, modified, deleted, etc)
  • Entity: Element for which the action was applied
  • Entity ID: Element identifier number for low level inspection
  • Details: Details of the action, which could include old and new values, actions, parameters and user that performed/set them