When setting up a DPD Carrier account, you will have to:

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the Carrier baseline account.
If the Carrier baseline account has already been set up and you intend to add a new Billing Account, refer to: How to add and set up a DPD Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]

WARNING: This article applies to DPD UK, DPD Ireland and DPD Shipper, even though there are differences between each one of them in terms of setup fields. There are sections specifically detailed for each one of them below. 


1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll add the account to from the list

  • DPD if in the UK
  • DPDIRELAND if Ireland
  • DPDSHIPPER if another country/region

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click Add Account

5. In General Options set:

  1. Name -> DPD - [Account number] (e.g. DPD - 500000)
  2. Usage mode -> Production (if you will use it in production mode) 
  3. Status -> Active
  4. Label mode
        - ZPL for DPD UK and DPD Shipper

        - PDF for DPD Ireland
  5. SCAC -> Carrier/SCAC code you're using in the WMS 

6. In Carrier Options set and Save:

  • Username/Password or Delis ID/Password-> API Username and Password
  • Account number -> DPD Account Number (DPD UK and DPD Ireland)
  • Sender address info -> Warehouse induction address

For DPD Shipper, you will also need to define:

  • Domain (dpd.nl, dpd.be, etc.): Indicate which DPD domain connection you will use
  • Shipping Depot: Shipping depot number, provided by DPD


Once ready, proceed to setting up the Billing Account as described in:

How to add and set up a DPD Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]