When importing a batch, you might have orders being sent to the same consignee and ship-to address.

By using the Consolidate feature, these orders can be merged if the ship-to address information matches perfectly for more than one order.

NOTE: This feature can be activated on demand and in techSHIP Plus/Enterprise portals only.

Follow the steps on the video guide or the article below.

To Consolidate orders being sent to the same consignee and ship-to address you will have to:

1. Access the Orders/batch screen for the order that applies to the case through any of the possible menus (after importing the order, searching on Batches screen, etc)

2. Click Consolidate to begin the process

3. Confirm the action

NOTE: Orders with the exact same match on ALL the ship-to fields, including names, phone number, and e-mail will be affected. 

Once complete, orders matching the same information will be merged and look as follows:

The changes to the information are the following:

  • The original orders will lock and display in grey
  • A new line will be created for the merged record
  • The SKUs from all the matching orders will be included in the new merged records under a single carton
  • Any changes can only be performed to the new merged records

The process is irreversible within the batch. If you need to roll back, delete the batch and reimport.

As for information, the merged record will get a tracking number assigned to it, which will be associated with the original records as well, yet the order status and timestamp will be set only to the merged order, since the processing action is not performed over the original records, but the new one.