WARNING: Fedex is not providing SOAP API Keys anymore. If you don't have these yet, you won't be able to set up a FedEx Freight SOAP account. 

When onboarding/adding a new FedEx Freight account the following information needs to be provided and verified:


- FedEx Username

- FedEx Password

- FedEx Account Number

- Induction Address

- Pickup Open/Close/Ready time (Preferably)


NOTE: While the Keys to be used are THE SAME as for FedEx Small Parcel, the account information needs to be used differently. Be attentive when reading the guides for instructions and warnings.

1) The Username and Password log in at: https://fedex.com/en-us/developer/web-services.html  

2) The account has been set under that FedEx User

*Other verifications are needed, but it's only possible once the Test/Production keys are requested. They are not verifiable as part of the onboarding process. Regardless of that, the items related to this note are:

- The billing address of the account provided matches FedEx's records

- The user you are logging in with has permissions to request the Test and Production keys

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.

Once you have verified that information, proceed to Phase 2: Setting up the Baseline Carrier Connection: How to set up a FedEx Freight Baseline account [Step-by-Step guide]