When getting started with techSHIP, if you are the Portal Administrator, you will be responsible of setting up three key operational elements:

 Setting up Users and Permissions: Depending on the techSHIP package you have contracted, you will be able to create users and assign access and feature permissions.
As you access the general guide, you will have to choose one specific to your package from there.

Get started by following the steps according to your package hereHow to create a user and assign permissions (General) [Step-by-Step guide]

Set up your Client profilesClient profiles allow you to flexibly cover your Clients' needs, defining how techSHIP will interact with the WMS to retrieve information for each one of them, and when Carrier setup is ready, how carrier accounts should work for each one as well.

Get started by following the steps here10 - How to create a Client profile [Step-by-Step guide]

Set up the Carriers' AccountsTo have operative Carrier accounts and begin shipping, you will need to set them up in the Carriers section first, and then Billing Accounts under each Client sectionEach Carrier has a different setup process, which regardless of that will include:
  • Reviewing initial requirements
  • Adding Baseline Accounts 
  • Setting up Billing Accounts to specify how the account should work for each client

Get started by following the steps according to the carrier(s) here: 11 - How to Add and Set up carriers - Master List [Guides List]

As you set up elements, you may give notice to the warehouse staff to begin working with techSHIP.