In order to ship for your Clients in techShip, you will have to configure Carrier Accounts to ship through.

Setting up Carrier accounts is a 3 phase process, after the Carrier container has been added to your techSHIP portal:

 Check Onboarding Requirements: When setting up a new Baseline Account, you will need to verify basic information you need in the setup process, this step will detail what that information is and how to get it.
Set up the Baseline AccountThis is your account's connection with the Carrier. You set it up once, and using it as a base, you will add Billing Accounts for each one of your Clients that will use it.
Set up Billing Accounts for Clients: Adding a Billing Account choosing from a Baseline Account setup, you will be able to specify how the account should work for that client, setting label references, packing slips usage, rate shopping, markups, address validation, sender and return addresses, etc.

If the Carrier has not been added to your techSHIP portal, to be able to move forward with phases 2 and 3, you or Techdinamics' staff must have followed these steps to have it available in techSHIP:  

1. Access Carriers through the Maintenance menu

2. Press Add

3. Find the Carrier from the dropdown

4. (OPTIONAL) Change the Name if needed

5. Press Save to continue

6.(OPTIONAL) Enter your PO number if you have it, for billing tracking purposes

7. Check I am authorized to complete this purchase on behalf of my organization

8. Press Purchase to complete the process; note that if not within your plan, adding carriers has additional charges, as indicated in the screen

After adding the Carrier container, access the Carriers Master List, find the one you need to set up and begin with Phase 1, the guides will walk you through the full process for each one of them, step by step: