When onboarding/adding a new Amazon account the following information needs to be provided and verified:


- Access API Key

- Access API Secret (password)

- Client ID (typically formatted as amzn1.application-oa2-client.CLIENT NUMBER or similar)

- Client ID Secret (password)

- Refresh token

- Role ARN (optional)

- Marketplace ID

- Merchant ID

- Phone/E-mail

- Induction Address


1) The information has been provided by an Amazon representative or fully pulled out of the Amazon Web Services portal

WARNING: This carrier is NOT suitable for Rate Shopping against other carriers, since it doesn't provide cost estimates.

WARNING: Orders through this connection need to be shipped within the day they were processed on, and will not get picked up by any carrier, they need to be delivered by the warehouse to an Amazon facility.

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.

Once you have verified that information, proceed to Phase 2: Setting up the Baseline Carrier Connection:

How to set up an Amazon Selling Partner Inbound Baseline account [Step-by-Step guide]