When setting Carrier Baseline accounts, you can configure them to automatically manifest. 

WARNING: Note that when orders are manifested, they need to be canceled with the carrier directly before any action is taken on techSHIP's end. You cannot cancel a manifest directly through techSHIP. 

WARNING: Manifesting triggers billing charges. This feature will automatically enable manifesting, take into account that any incorrect manifested order should be addressed urgently.

To configure a Carrier Baseline account to automatically manifest you will have to:

1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll add the account to from the list

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click the Edit button of the account you will configure 

5. In General Options check Automatic finalize

6. Once checked, additional fields will be deployed to detail the following:

  • Automatic finalize mode: Select the mode you wish to use
    • Finalize: Closes the related batches and finalizes the manifest(s)
    • *Split unconfirmed and finalize: Splits confirmed from unconfirmed orders and finalizes confirmed ones
    • *Split unconfirmed only: Splits unconfirmed orders and doesn't manifest

      *Available for API orders that use "confirmed"
  • Automatic Finalize Times: Indicate the time(s) of the day when you wish to automatically manifest

7. Press Save to apply the changes