When onboarding/adding a new Shiphero portal the following information needs to be provided and verified:


- Shiphero Refresh Token (key)

- Shiphero Service URL


- Shiphero Warehouse ID

- Shiphero restricted order holds

- Shiphero restricted order statuses: Blocks orders in the detailed statuses, comma separated

- Update inventory: If checked, updates inventory information back to Shiphero for stock sync

- Skip allocations check: If checked, techSHIP doesn't verify allocated stock upon import

- Map tote Warehouse to client

- Allow close on label generation: If checked, it closes the order when it's processed and labels are generated 

- Flex Field Mappings: Allows to bind custom fields additional to the standard plugin bindings 

WARNING: Any missing or non-validated, incorrect setup or information will delay the setup process.