This document details all the fields available to set up a DHL Express Billing account.

These are detailed below:

Sender name 
Ship From name
Sender company
Company name
Contact phone
Ship From phone
Shipper account# 
Account number that will be liable as shipper
Shipper payment type
Select the Payment Type; the account number provided will be used in conjunction with this mode
Billing account #
Account number that will pay for shipping
Duty account #
Account number that will pay for duties

Shipper EORI number
Specify shipper EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number (for European Union shipments)
Shipper tax number
Specify the Tax number (for non-EU shipments, could be VAT tax id)

Shipper IOSS number
Specify the IOSS (Import One Stop Shop) number (for European Union shipments)

Shipper ID
Indicate your DHL Express Shipper ID

Registered account #
Optional DHL registered account #

Package type code
Select the package type code you will use; the code will be provided to DHL for its identification

Package type
Indicate the packaging type (Your packaging for generic, other options for branded/classified packagings)

Is Dutiable
If checked, indicates that shipments processed through the account are dutiable
Calculate insured value
If checked, it calculates the insured value from the SKU lines

Default package description
Package description that will be sent to the carrier by default
Currency code
Indicate the currency code that you intend to use for declaring the customs value of individual line items

Export reason code
Define if the export will be permanent, temporary, etc.

Export reason
Detail the export reason (business, commercial, etc.)

Skip trade documents
If this option is selected, a paper commercial invoice in DHL format will not be generated. If you choose this option and do not enable paperless trade, you will be required to provide a paper commercial invoice in your own format

Paperless trade
When chosen, this option activates the use of ETD (Electronic Trade Documents). If not chosen, it reverts to employing either DHL's Paper Customs Invoices or custom invoices in your preferred format, provided that you have selected 'skip trade documents'

Duties & Taxes prepaid
Enable this option if you wish to signify that duties and taxes have been pre-paid for your shipments

Terms of trade
Utilize this dropdown menu to choose the Incoterms applicable to your shipments
Commercial invoice template
Select the Commercial Invoice template (model) you'd like to use from the dropdown
Print waybill
Indicates if waybills are to be printed or not; default expects the order to determine if true or false, while enabled forces true and disabled forces false; auto leaves DHL decide according to the case

Tracking number mode
Allows to choose between the regular or waybill number as tracking number

Add DHL logo on label
If checked, it adds the DHL logo in the label

Notify recipient by e-mail
If checked, requests the carrier to send e-mail notifications to the ship-to e-mail provided as part of the order