When setting up a Boxiiship Carrier account, you will have to: 

NOTE: This article describes how to set up the Carrier baseline account.
If the Carrier baseline account has already been set up and you intend to add a new Billing Account, refer to: How to add and set up a Boxiiship Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]


1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier for which you'll add the account to from the list

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Click Add Account

5. In General Options set:

  1. Name -> Boxiiship
  2. Usage mode -> Production
  3. Status -> Active
  4. Label mode -> PDF
  5. SCAC -> Carrier/SCAC code you're using in the WMS 

6. In Carrier Options set and Save:

  1. Secret and API Key -> Boxiiship API key and password
  2. Pcode -> Client Code as provided by the Boxiiship representative
  3. Branch -> Branch Code as provided by the Boxiiship representative 
  4. Sender address info -> Warehouse induction address
    • Departure HUB: Select the closest shipping hub to your induction address, which can be completed here if it will be the standard for all accounts, or defined on each billing account; if the case is the latter, leave it as [Not set] here


Once ready, proceed to setting up the Billing Account as described in: How to add and set up a Boxiiship Billing Account [Step-by-Step guide]