In January 2024, we notified all techSHIP customers of a change in our security policy. The notification can be found in the link below. 

The original intention was migration to the AWS ELBSecurityPolicy-TLS13-1-2-Res-2021-06 security policy.  Today, after we implented the changes, we noticed that this change affected several customers with older, not supported versions of Windows. Techdinamics decided to make an adjustment and enable the AWS ELBSecurityPolicy-TLS13-1-2-2021-06 policy that has support for additional ciphers : 





This adjustment will enable the techSHIP Desktop client to continue to function on older versions of Windows, including Windows 7. We want to remind you that Techdinamics support is limited to operating systems that have not reached the end of Microsoft's support and continue to receive fixes and security updates.

Customers who, following the security policy change, experience issues with their API connection to techSHIP need to ensure their application has built-in support for the required security policy.  More information on the security policy can be found at