As you configure printers through techSHIP Desktop Client and Techdinamics Print Client, these will become operational through each application accordingly, but visible as a group through the techSHIP Web Client Portal.

Printers with the light bulb icon are Active printers, while those with the cross icon are Inactive ones.

Inactivity is determined by the lack of current connection of that printer profile with any of both of the applications. If inactivity is sustained for the lapse of 7 consecutive days, the printer will be automatically removed from the list. 

There is no manual process to remove these from the list, techSHIP will automatically clean the list up.

As deleted printers are removed, these might appear again if they are connected again.

To disconnect a printer, simply remove the Printer profile from either the techSHIP Desktop Client or the Techdinamics Print Client according to the case:

For the techSHIP Desktop Client, simply remove the connection credentials under Settings > Connection and Save:

For the Techdinamics Print Client, you can delete a Printer Profile from Settings and the profile itself: