When printing Carrier Labels, if your Baseline Account is misconfigured, you might only get Packing Slips as printed labels when processing orders.

If you need to revert or correct this output, you will have to:

1. Access Maintenance and select Carriers

2. Click the Carrier related to the case from the list

3. Click the Accounts tab

4. Edit the Baseline Account related to the case

5. Review the setup of Custom Label Override, and evaluate the following scenarios:

  • If the value there is other than [None] and you need packing slips to print together with your Courier Label, set it to [None] and configure the packing slips at the Billing Account level as detailed in Packing slips: How to use and set them up [Step-by-step guide]
  • If you only wish to print the Carrier Labels, set the value to [None] 

WARNING: Custom Label Override is used to substitute the Carrier Label as a whole, if your customization does not merge/include the Carrier Label as part of it, you will only get the Custom Packing Slip as output when processing orders.

6. Press Save to apply the changes