In some cases, you may be required to change the dimensions of you orders’ boxes. You can input the dimensions manually if necessary.

NOTE: It is very important that your order has been imported, but NOT processed. If it has been processed already, make sure you void it in order to be able to edit it.

Feel free to follow this video guide, or the step-by-step procedure below.

In this case we already have an open batch, in your case, after finding the batch that contains the order, to edit the boxes’ dimensions you have to:

  1. Click the Edit button of the order that contains the box you wish to change

  2. Select the Packaging tab; this tab shows a list of all the boxes included in the order

  3. Change the dimensions of the boxes as required

  4. Press Save to commit the changes

NOTE: The dimensions are optional, but if they are defined, they need to be correct.

WARNING: Even though you can see the tracking numbers for these boxes in 3PL, if you add boxes to your orders, the tracking numbers for those new ones will not transfer to 3PL automatically.