When processing orders you might come across the "Hard 128069 - Invalid or missing reason for export. Valid length is 1 to 20 alphanumeric" error.

This happens because the Reason for Export field and Currency Code of the Billing Account on the Client level has been set up incorrectly.

To solve this issue you will have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance dropdown

  2. Select the Client that applies to the case

  3. Edit the Billing Account related to the issue

  4. Under the Carrier Options tab, complete the Reason for Export field (UPS handles this as a free text field, usual values are Goods, Sample, Gift, etc.; if you're not sure which value to use based on the items you ship, reach your UPS representative)

  5. Save to commit the changes

After doing so, if the rest of the order fields are filled correctly, you should be able to process it.