When processing orders, you might come across the "SKU Price information is required for international shipments" error.

To ship Internationally, for many cases you need to print commercial invoice in addition to the label. To generate a commercial invoice, a non-zero price should be entered on the order (the commercial invoice should contain the price customer paid for an item according to US import laws). 

There are two possible solutions for this issue:

  1. Correct the orders in your WMS setting a value for the items, delete the batch in techSHIP and reimport it for processing

  2. Correct the value in techShip, as detailed below

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer: 

To solve this issue you will have to:

  1. Access the Orders/batch screen for the order that applies to the case through any of the possible menus (after importing the order, searching on Batches screen, etc)

  2. Edit the order in question

  3. Access the Packaging tab

  4. Open the box content view to have access to the SKU(s) information

  5. Edit the SKU(S)'s price value as it applies to the case

  6. Save to commit the changes on the order

After doing so, if the rest of the order's information is correct, you will be able to process it.

NOTE: Take into account that to print packing slips/commercial invoices, you need an inkjet/laser printer. If your laser printer is not connected to Techship's Print Client, you can download the label/packing slip/commercial invoice and print from the PDF file.

WARNING: You need to attach the commercial invoice to the parcel. Failing to do this process and attaching it to the parcel, may result in delays in delivery, or in the worst case the package will be returned back to the shipper due to missing customs information.