When processing an order, you might come across the "Hard 9120118 - No more than 2 shipment reference number can be given for Package" error.

This error relates to a mistake when setting up the Billing Account to the Client the order relates to. 

UPS supports only two references for the labels, and this error is shown when more than the supported references have been assigned.

To solve this you can either:

A) Dispose of one of the references you're using (follow the instructions of this article for this solution) 

B) Concatenate several references together in one field, as detailed in the "COMBINE DYNAMIC AND FIXED REFERENCES" section of the following article: Using order References in your labels [Step-by-Step guide]

Feel free to follow the step-by-step guide written below or the video guide, as you prefer: 

To solve this issue you will have to:

  1. Access Clients under the Maintenance menu

  2. Click on the client related to the order

  3. Edit the Billing Account (Carrier) related to the order and error

  4. Remove the values from the Reference 3 and/or Reference 4 fields

  5. Press Save to apply the changes